Cloud API

Cloud API allows you to retrieve your device data whenever you want.

As of today Cloud API gives you the possibility to :

Cloud API sequence


Cloud API can be used along IDIAG Push.



The IDIAG Push API documentation can now be found with the Cloud API documentation.

IDIAG Push allows you to configure callback's URLs for your devices.

When one of your devices send a message, we will forward your data by sending them to your configured URL.

IDIAG Push sequence


IDIAG Push can be used along Cloud API.

The IDIAG Push documentation describe how to :

Decoder API

The Decoder API allows you to decode raw data sent by devices into ready to use JSON document.

Decoder API allows you to get maximum control over your data.

Decoder-api sequence


Your can't use Cloud API or IDIAG Push if you choose this way of getting your devices data.

The Decoder API documentation describe the decode operation along with the authentication mechanism.